The Daily Post offers prompts to encourage brainstorming and creative writing. The prompt for today is to write a short story of 26 sentences or a poem of 26 lines; the first letter of each line much progress consecutively.

“The Transition”

All of the windows are closed,
Blackness is all that I see.
Crying out, “What can I do?”
Darkness falls all around me.

Everything’s moving so slow,
Falling like leaves to the ground.
Green is all faded away,
Has already dried out and browned.

I sit, decomposing in shackles,
Just searching for things that I fear.
Kindness is miles behind me.
Love and light have no place here.

My Lord, my God.

No, this is not where He wants me.
Overcome by my own sin
Prayers to the Heavens are answered,
Questioning where I begin.

Rising from where I’ve been stagnant,
Sin’s shackles fall to my feet.
The Lord lifts me up with His power.
Unto His arms, I retreat.

Valleys of shadows behind me,
Wings of my God underneath,
Xenos, this feeling of freedom.
“Yours, Lord, I long to be.”

“Zenith, I am on my way.”
How have you made a change in your life that moved you not just from point A to point B, but further even. How have you moved from point A to point Z?