Heads -up, it’s in Spanish. I’ll put a translation underneath.



I was thinking about how good it feels to have a mustache.
It’s like… lighting a torch.

Yeah… yeah, it is! For me it’s like catching a frisbee, no?
–Yes! Exactly!

Are you guys talking about how it feels to have a mustache?
For me it’s always been like the color blue.
–Wow…Yes, blue!

For me, having a mustache is like being a viking warrior who rides through life on the winds of a tempest.
–Wait..wait. What’s he saying about tempests
–No… honestly, I don’t feel it.

Just a moment. (rips off mustache)

I knew it…
I knew it.

Si no es para vos, no es para vos translates to mean “If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.”