We all need to learn how to forgive and let go of things that we don’t need.

I read an article about Shrek the sheep who avoided getting his wool shorn for 6 years.
Normally when sheep are shorn, their wool weighs about 10 pounds. Shrek’s wool weighed 60 pounds!
This simple story proves that if we hold on to our wool, our dead skin, our old worries, the past, etc., then the weight won’t go away.

Another thought come from Zen Shorts, a book about a panda who teaches children to be more caring and peaceful.
He references an old zen parable about an angry woman who demanded that a monk unjustly carry over a muddy road. The monk’s younger companion asks him later why he helped the angry woman, to which he responds, “I set the woman down a few hours ago. Why are you still carrying her?”

What dead skin do you have that you can let fall off?