My Cup
by Robert Friend
They tell me I am going to die.
Why don’t I seem to care?
My cup is full. Let it spill.
It’s interesting to read this after a close friend has passed away. Especially a friend who let her cup spill so generously.
We spend our whole lives trying to fill ourselves with something, and there are so many things that just don’t matter, that don’t put anything in our cup, per se. If we spend our time wisely, focus on the small things, help others, share the multitude of blessings that God sees fit to give to us, we will spend our lives filled to the brim, ready to overflow. Whether we die young or live to be a hundred and two, I believe that we should live with a “Let it spill” kind of attitude. My cup is full. To quote the psalmist, it “runneth over”, it’s overflowing. If I can let that goodness spill out over others, I will only have room for more.