Remember how I planned out earlier today how to take over the world and the music I would listen to as I did so? Yeah, so do I.

While mopping, wringing, shoving, and whatever else you can think of doing to get 25lbs of flood water out of our kitchen, I asked my wife if she had prayed for, say, teamwork. “No, but I prayed for humility,” she said. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming her for the flash floods that rocked Provo with inches upon inches of water, 60+ mph winds, lightning, and power outages.
I’m not near arrogant enough to attribute that to myself either. God would not send this because I planned a hostile world takeover. Would He?

Regardless, Rachel and I have once again befriended the 3-gallon bucket. For better or for worse, this bucket may become a symbol of our marriage. He’s stored our belongings, helped us through a vomitous wedding night, and now he’s moved about 30 gallons of water out of our kitchen and stairwell. Who wouldn’t want a bucket on their family crest?

Photo on 9-7-13 at 5.56 PM

As Rachel yells at me for deciding that a 3-gallon bucket symbolizes our relationship, Let me show you how useful they can be. I found this list here, and pared it down to some of my favorites.

What can you do with a bucket?

  • use it as a washbasin after World War III
  • put progressively smaller buckets inside to make boring Russian dolls
  • combine with a small pump and make a desktop fountain to relax you during stressful times
  • fill it with candy and put on a receptionist’s desk
  • throw it down a well and listen for it to splash so you have a rough idea how deep it is
  • fill it with hot rocks and take it in a small room when you really need a sauna
  • wear it like a badge of honor
  • hook it up with a dowel and a wire and make a miniature washtub bass for your pirate band
  • hold it up as an example of the folly or success of mankind, depending on your point of view

and there are many more.

Remember kids, you get what you pray for.
(so pray for buckets)