Everyone needs a good quote wall.
(That can be read as a wall of good quotes or a good wall that has quotes on it.)


If I don’t get the whaling gear, I’m not going to BestBuy anymore! -Ethan

I tend to make pretty high demands when I request to be removed from email lists.


Your dating advice gets a lot better now that I don’t live with you. -Wes

Ahh old roommates. Thanks for taking my dating advice now that I’m married.


Jeff had to call a party foul because Sarah Workman almost got creamed in the head by an airborne watermelon. -Ethan

True story.


Have you ever ironed a pancake? -Michael Rollins

Yeah, I’ve got no context for this one.


It’s a mega-pram! –Colin Furze

“That’s not a pram; that’s a pram!


You can’t tickle a liquid! -Rachel

Apparently when people are very relaxed, they become liquids. And liquids, my friends, are not ticklish.


Nobody gets hit with a chalupa at 60mph with no lasting consequences -Ethan

You’re going to have to ask Rachel about this one.


Do not underestimate the power of the Holy Paddy Wagon! -Kevin

Apparently my van has a great name and great spiritual power…


I sweat when I eat. -Dallin


This is why.
Also there’s a whole blog about your problem, Dallin.


It was a pretty quiet apartment, except for Vomiting Victor -Raymond Cope

I will never complain about neighbors again.


Well, at least I don’t miss the toilet when I’m awake. -Ethan

I don’t seem to recall the story behind this one.


All of the Irishman I have in me is a biker. -Ethan

I do seem to recall the story behind this one.


Rachel: I get jealous when you’re on Family Search. I mean, I’m alive and I’m right here.
Ethan: Sorry for turning my heart to my kindred dead.

I’m not sorry.


Assuming Brad weighs about 150 pounds, all we need is 75 pounds of zucchini. -Ethan

This should do.