What can you do with a bucket?

Here are a few of the 100+ things you can do with a bucket. Feel free to do them all… if you have enough buckets.

chamber pot
umm… gross

put progressively smaller buckets inside to make boring Russian dolls
It’s the American version…?

combine with a small pump and make a desktop fountain to relax you during stressful times
Found it

fill it with candy and put on a receptionist’s desk
Found that one too

throw it down a well and listen for it to splash so you have a rough idea how deep it is
“That’s a really deep well… I need another bucket.”

fill it with hot rocks and take it in a small room when you really need a sauna
But not into a tent. That might cause carbon-monoxide poisoning.

wear it like a badge of honor
It’s been done.

make plaster in it and patch the holes in your wall
As an added bonus, that will patch any holes in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.

use it as a nondescript way of marking mass graves
“Here lie the many men who fought bravely in the Bucket Brigades.”

throw it away and never give it a second thought
Or better yet, recycle.

hook it up with a dowel and a wire and make a miniature washtub bass for your pirate band
But don’t call your band “Pirate Band”. That one is taken.

hold it up as an example of the folly or success of mankind, depending on your point of view
Sounds like modern art to me.

you’ve got to store your ever-expanding rock collection somewhere
Not in the tent though, especially if they’re hot.

put it under a bad roof to catch leaks

use it to wedge a gas pedal down when faking your own death

use it to catch the oil when you’re replacing it in your car
But don’t bring that into the tent either, especially if it’s hot.

use it to hold weeds when you’re gardening
YouTube search: Gardening with Buckets. Don’t get distracted by the auto-fill search bar that tells you to garden with Patrick Stewart before you finish typing the word buckets.

use it to hold autographed photos of Patrick Stewart
And of Kid President

keep miscellaneous cables in it

fill it with paint and then splash that paint and pretend you’re Jackson Pollock.
Here is a 10-million-dollar painting.

use the rim as a cookie cutter to make giant cookies
This is why he’s crazy

put a lid on it and churn butter inside it
No, there is no clever way to combine the words “bucket” and “butter churn”

use it as a mixing bowl
I would suggest a spatula for those hard-to-reach corners; a whisk just won’t cut it

fill it with flowers for a rustic centerpiece

cut holes in it and put a candle inside it to make a beautiful night light
Halfway between this picture and this idea
bait tank holes

fill it with carrots and give to horses
But not hot carrots, you run the risk of giving the horses carbon monoxide poisoning.

give it to the tooth fairy so she can collect molars in it
Very thoughtful

with very careful cutting, it can become a lovely bird cage
I would recommend a plastic bucket for this one

milk a cow
I assume the person who came up with this list meant for you to catch the milk in the bucket¬†while milking a cow, but I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

fill it with water, freeze it, and go ice blocking
I recommend it.

paint a face on it and use it as the head to a scarecrow
Less scary than a real head.

use it as either a mortar or a pestle, or possibly both
I’m frankly concerned about the contents of this auction.

cut it into strips, sharpen, and then threaten people with them
This is how the bucket brigade fought off hordes of angry strangers as they settled the frontier.

put it over your head to use as a guide when cutting your own hair
Just Google “bad haircuts ”
Or click here.

put it on a street corner and beg for money from passerby
Please combine this idea with the tub bass and the pirate band

fill it with coffee for those hard-to-get-going mornings
“I’ve been awake for 33 hours!…….”

carry firewood in it
“What are you going to do with all that firewood?”

use it to collect grub from rotting wood
Slimy yet satisfying.

fill it with water and dump it on someone as a fun summertime prank
Fill it with water and dump it on someone as a cruel wintertime prank.

use it to make coffee when camping
“I’ve been awake for 53 hours!….”

put two beetles in it and make them fight

trace it to draw a sun
Catch a falling sun and put it in your bucket…

use it to collect the tears of fairies and make magic potions
So you’ll be brave and not a sissy coward.

give it a name and then get in a fight with it

More to come later.