Take my ham! -Rachel Unklesbay
Needless to say, I took the ham.

I love this clipart of Captain Ahab. -Rachel Unklesbay
I think Rachel has classy taste.

I want a cow at my wedding. -Sister Ivy Beck
I think Sister Beck has classy taste.

(Wistfully) Ah, the siege… -Ethan Unklesbay
Who doesn’t love a good siege?

I was imitating a demented clown puppet -Rachel Unklesbay
I still can’t figure out why she was doing that.

I lost [a game of Risk] to a ten-year-old. I didn’t need any more shame than that. -Haley Evenson
Some things are embarrassing. Some things are really embarrassing.

I use beef liver as an antiperspirant. -Raymond Cope