Here are the most frequent ways people found my blog in 2013.

lancing a windmill
That is the title of my blog.

3rd person love songs
My personal favorite has been the 3rd-person version of “Hello” by Lionel Richie

healing abortion poem cup over full
I’m glad this helped somebody

praying with/for humility
It’s a good/scary idea.

mormon missionaries guy attempting to steal bike
I think they were trying to find this news story
Also, if the Mormons don’t have black name tags, don’t open the door.

mormon coming back
Keep coming, we need you!

what christmas is really about
This one’s good to remember

i left the mormon church and came back
And we’re glad you did (come back, that is).

(many search terms about) lionel richie, hello, or the blind girl in lionel richie music video
Was it me you were looking for?

poems about refrigerators
Try poems on refrigerators

scurvy on cats
“Honey? Where’d you leave the scurvy?”
“I put it on the cat, dear”

mustache color blue tempest
I dare you to search this.

miley cyrus bottom lyrics
I double dog dare you not to search this.


Here’s to a new year, and hopefully better search terms next year.