I am the median

by Ethan Unklesbay
I look in the mirror and see reflected
In its surface, all that I am,
But what am I, after all?

I am, now, what I was and all
That I will yet become.
I am the median of my time.

I do not now have a beard,
But I once did, and therefore
I appear to myself, now, fully bearded.

I do not now use a cane,
But I may at some day need the support.
I appear old and bent, to myself.

I am now a husband,
But I was not always.
I prepared for this day,

When I would hold a wife at my side.
So today, although I am a husband,
I will prepare to be a husband.

I am the median, the middle point,
Simultaneously half-full and half-empty.
Halfway there. Always.

Touch a mirror with your finger.
You know it is a mirror and not glass
Because your finger does not touch its reflection.

I am the median, the middle point
Of what was and will yet be.
I am the mirror.