Black Coffee was not my book of the year, but it was a wonderfully fun read, and it’s brought me another book closer to meeting my goal. Agatha Christie’s grandson Charles Osborne rewrote Christie’s play, Black Coffee, as a novel, and it was very entertaining.

It’s not really much more than a cheesy mystery story about murder, poison, high theft, and a chunky little Belgian named Hercule Poirot. The best thing about most mystery novels is that they are what my wife and I call “Beach Reading”. It’s a great book to bring on a vacation or when you are going to have a bunch of free time. You don’t have to exert a lot of mental effort to understand what’s going on or even to solve the mystery (the plot does that one for you). You can try and figure the mystery out, though, if you really want. Nobody will judge you for getting involved in a good book while on vacation. You can read Black Coffee however you want. I recommend using your “little gray cells”.

If you enjoy a good mystery novel, this (as well as just about any other Hercule Poirot novel) is another good one.


p.s. You know I can’t give away the ending. It would ruin the mystery.