Everyone’s in a kerfuffle because the Supreme Court apparently decided to let the wealthy, white men in America own the government.

Twitter users say:
This is the end of democracy.

This is the worst Supreme Court decision of all time. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Dred Scott was worse. Nope, this one takes the cake.

And don’t forget how America is now for sale. (But not for you Russia. We wouldn’t let you buy us if it were the last thing we did! /read: sarcasm/)

And I’m just sitting here like, “I think it’s not a bad idea, and I can see the positive consequences…”

I mean, I’m in that 99% that holds 1% of the wealth, so sure I won’t be able to buy votes, probably ever. But I’m not interested in buying votes (or selling mine for that matter), and that’s not what this post is about anyways. I’m interested in the tanking economy of this nation.
We complain all the time about how the poor don’t have jobs, they’re unemployed, they need raises, etc.

We’ve officially decided that the rich are allowed to spend as much money as they want on election campaigns! Does this money go directly to the candidate to make them rich? Not so much. It goes to commercials, and signs, and concerts, and rallies, and all of the equipment that needs to be at those events. The money goes to the people providing food at those events. The money goes to people that need jobs and people that run their businesses in places that candidates decide to campaign. Somebody has to set up the bleachers and take them down. Someone gets paid to do that. Someone has to clean up the event centers, and they get paid to do that. Do you need skilled labor or a college degree to set up bleachers or clean up a stadium? We can now create a large pool of entry-level jobs that can pay any insane amount of money to their workers. Shouldn’t we encourage the rich to spend their money? The more they spend, the less they have… The less they have, the more we have.
We rally behind a 10.10 minimum wage for the entire nation, but we all get our proverbial panties in a knot when the Supreme Court decides that rich people are allowed to spend more money?

There goes democracy, right into the hands of the laborers.