Pornography is demeaning women around the world every day, it hinders any positive outcomes of the feminist movement, and it teaches men (like Elliot Rodgers) and women everywhere that women are objects to be conquered and that sex is a compulsory need.

Elliot Rodgers, the misogynistic socio/psychopath who made headlines for his Day of Retribution this past week is a prime example of what happens when someone’s sense of reality gets distorted and twisted out of shape. One of the key points of his Manifesto was that he (Elliot) was not a part of society, because at least one woman out there owed him sex and every woman refused to “pay up”. Without sex, he didn’t belong to society.
And wouldn’t you know it, he was right. He didn’t belong to society without sex.

Recently, PornHub (a large pornography company) ran an ad campaign to normalize pornography use. They used catchy hashtags like #everybodydoesit and catchphrases like “Love yourself”. Their ads explained that through pornography you can have unlimited sex, and any kind that you want. They marketed porn as something that is used by everyone, and that there’s probably another porn user right next to you on the bus or at the crosswalk, “so don’t be ashamed”.
As far as the pornography industry is concerned, if you’re not using porn and “getting your fix” somehow or another, then you don’t belong. If #everybodydoesit, but you don’t…you must be a nobody.

Porn rewires the brain. It creates pathways paved in dopamine, the brain’s gimme, gimme drug. Frequent porn use changes the brain until addiction has kicked in. Porn users suddenly start looking at it whether they want to or not, because the way has been paved already. Porn becomes the brain’s path of least resistance. This TED talk explains how use of internet porn actually reduces the brain’s (and body’s) ability to “get enough”. When your brain convinces your body that you actually need 14 partners in order to get anything done, your body starts to believe it. (This is where PIED sets in; yes, ladies and gentlemen, Pornography Induced Erectile Dysfunction. It can happen as early as 20-24 years old.) If you get to a point where you can’t get enough virtual “partners” in order to satisfy your cravings that have turned into needs, your body and brain will team up to convince you that you have to go further than porn and actually go have sex with someone. And if your sense of reality is already a bit off, your brain might be capable of convincing you that sex is something you’re entitled to, something that other people owe to you simply because of your existence.

This is where I imagine Elliot Rodgers may have gotten to. He had an entitlement complex that led him to demand sex. He had to have it in order to be a proper human being. His greatest fear was dying a virgin, and his sense of reality was not really in check (we can talk about video games later), and he snapped.

If #everybodydoesit, then everyone is getting their brains rewired. Every man is developing a neurological pattern that tells them: “You have to have sex with a beautiful woman, NOW.” Now you tell me, could that be damaging to women in our society? I know that not all men are womanizing pigs, but when even one man’s brain has convinced him that all women (#YesAllWomen) are objects for him to take advantage of, then all women, yes all women, are affected.

We can take stands in the campaign against guns and violence and domestic abuse, but if we get porn out of the homes in America, we remove one proven cause of brainwashing and ED, and one probable cause of rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse and deviance, unprotected sex, drug abuse, depression, loneliness, ADHD, and a host of other things that nobody wants; things that correlate with pornography use.

Ladies, the porn/sex-saturated society we live in has convinced men that you are objects for the taking, and that you owe your body to a man, simply because he “needs” sex.
Take a stand for women, #YesAllWomen, and speak out against pornography. Not all men are users, but all women are victims.

Fight the new drug.