I devoured Out of the Dust in one night.

Probably because it’s a Newbery book, meant for grade-schoolers, but also because it was incredibly captivating.

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse, is a collection of poems that all tell a heart-wrenching and dramatic story of a teenage girl growing up during the Dustbowl. She slowly loses just about everything, from her family to her talents and dreams, and she somehow learns that everything is going to be okay in spite of all the loss.

Out of the Dust probably hit me hard because it was written as poetry. It wasn’t written to convey the events of the story so much as the emotions of the story, and Hesse hit the bullseye there.

Few books have made me emotional, and this one did.

4/5. Would recommend to anyone who has never done anything hard in their life, and to anyone who has.