Not gonna lie, I was not a huge fan of Cat’s Cradle. I mean, it was okay, but it didn’t leave me satisfied that I had read some great piece of literature or had even simply enjoyed what I’d read. Here’s why.

Vonnegut is witty. His social commentary is weird, but captivating.
However, all of this is thickly veiled in poorly constructed storylines about a poorly constructed imaginary religion and a poorly constructed character’s attempts to be a good journalist, from what I understood.
I think the protagonist followed the children of the creator of the atomic bomb, because they had shards of atomic Ice Nine which turn any water they touch into ice. They end up on some Caribbean Island and an accidental bombing causes the end of the world, wherein an old Jamaican hippie hermit commits suicide.

This took 200 pages, and everything happened in the last 45.

Cat’s Cradle was no masterpiece, and it did not leave me wanting to read more of Vonnegut’s novels. I don’t want to trudge all the way through a book, only to find that the whole story happens in the final 5 chapters.

2/5 stars.

Should I find short stories by Kurt Vonnegut, I may give them a try.