In this (fictional?) debate, a certain Brother Thorp and a Brother Lyon hash out two stances regarding doctrines and behaviors in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The two stances are primarily, (1) the prophets and the scriptures are infallible and we must follow exactly as they teach, and (2) the prophets and the scriptures are not infallible, and we have greater need to follow Christ in our own way than heed the prophets’ counsels.

The debaters spend more time criticizing one another than they do talking about the doctrines of the scriptures and how we should be applying them today. However, when they do get around to making an argument, it’s usually reasonably sound.

My biggest take away from Dean Rasmussen’s The Saints vs. The Saints—which coincidentally I can’t find anywhere. I mean I stumbled upon this at the used bookstore I work at, and the only other copy I can find is deep in the bowels of poorly listed items on Amazon. Anyways, the biggest thing I got from this book, is that I need to actively think about the scriptures and consider how they apply to me today.

Maybe I do need to be eating less meat when not in times of extreme cold, but maybe I don’t need to worry about it, because the leadership of the Church hasn’t made any fuss about excessive meat during my lifetime. Maybe certain counsel given in the scriptures was meant for individuals of the time, not for me and the general membership of the Church, but maybe not.

In any case, I learned that while books may be insightful, truth comes from God, not unknown or even well-known authors. Please keep that in mind if you dare to read Visions of Glory.

3/5 stars. 2 for the insights, one for uniqueness. Meh.