0 stars. Worst book I’ve ever read.

There’s really not much more to it.

This book is basically the “Become Donald Trump Handbook”.

Step 1: If you want to be rich, you have to want to be rich.

Goodness, I’d pull some examples form the text to show how bad it is, but I don’t want to waste much more time on it.

I’ll just say that Hill encourages everyone to think about money all the time, intentionally closing you mind to other thoughts. He tells readers that they can become rich through the new-agey method of transmutating your sex energy into creative imagination with your “Master Mind” group and receiving inspiration from Infinite Intelligence (although some silly people will trust religion). Only after you have mastered those techniques for materializing money, you need to imagine that Abe Lincoln is in your living room and have a conversation with him and Charles Darwin every night.

That’s the whole book.

Don’t have any idea why it’s a classic.

It’s garbage.

I’m just glad I can blame a blindfold on this choice. 47 to go.