Take Twilight… and make it good.

C.C. Hunter’s Awake at Dawn is book #2 in the Shadow Falls series, which follows Kylie Galen, a newcomer to the supernatural summer camp of Shadow Falls. The camp is a safe haven for people with supernatural powers who want to try and use their powers for good. It’s not quite X-Men at a School for the Gifted, because they don’t go around fighting evil superhumans. It’s more about preventing the teens from “going rogue” as Hunter puts it.

Overall, not a bad book. I found myself wanting to read it instead of plodding through it. The plot was fairly believable (given the fantasy world), and the characters were relatable. I didn’t like Kylie, or really any of the other characters, except for Burnett, but that’s probably because I see him in my head looking like this guy from Naruto.


The problems I ran into with Awake at Dawn really only stem from not being the target audience and picking up the second book in a series without reading the first book. I’m sure that any teenage girl who’s going through a lot of emotional and physical changes is going to relate more than I would to a main character who knows she has supernatural powers, but isn’t a vampire or a werewolf or a shape-shifter or anything else that she can identify.

My rating : 3/5 It was good, not great.

If I were a teenage girl, I probably would have given it 4.5/5

Don’t read Twilight.