Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Hope Undaunted was an entire soap opera with no commercial breaks or indications that an episode had ended or begun.

I chose A Hope Undaunted from the Christian Fiction at Pioneer Book while wearing a blindfold. I knew I wanted to read a romance during February, but I didn’t know how little I was going to enjoy the romance genre. In all reality it wasn’t that bad of a book. It was just a bit overwhelming.
A Hope Undaunted

The basic plot is that Katie O’Connor is in love with Jack, but gets grounded for the summer for breaking curfew yet again, and is forced to volunteer at an orphanage in order to learn some responsibility. The director of the orphanage is none other than Luke McGee, her sworn enemy since childhood, but she falls in love with him.

Then she’s not in love with him.

Then she’s engaged to Jack.

Then her sister’s husband hires a new secretary who is actually a lover from his past who is now a widow with a 13 year-old son who is terminally ill.

Then she breaks it off with Jack because she’s really in love with Luke.




^^This is only the first half of this 500 page tome. That’s right, tome; this is only volume 1 of the 3-volume Winds of Change series which coincides with the 3-volume Daughters of Boston series, all by the same author.

So, like I said, overwhelming and a bit exhausting.

Most of the novel felt like an attempt at Christian fiction mixed with an attempt at a steamy romance novel. There was a lot of groaning and moaning, people being devoured in kisses (which might make for an excellent V-Day Science Fiction), and heat bleeding into faces turned crimson with every blush. But no sex, just almost.

I might have enjoyed the stories told in this book if it had been split into 5 books, one for each storyline in the book.

Unless you love soap operas and you want to carry one around with you, I don’t recommend A Hope Undaunted.

2 stars.