I was surprised by how good this New Age book was.

Raymond Moody’s Life After Life is a study on the phenomena of near-death and out-of-body experiences, particularly those that occur while a person is clinically “dead”. He points out a pattern and progression of events found in most of the stories told by people who have had these near-death experiences, points out parallels across various cultures and religions, and answers some questions that undoubtedly arise when the topic of near-death experiences arises.

This was a surprisingly good book. I’m a bit of a skeptic about certain things, so I was expecting this one to be weird, but Moody does something that kind of wins you over in a world full of Crossfitters® who know everything and vegans eager to be spotted — Mody makes it clear that his research has not been purely scientific, that it bears less statistical significance and more emotional import, and that he frankly does not know all of the answers.

Definitely worth a read, and only 200 pages long. This was worth my time, and I may even revisit it.

4 stars.