David Halberstam’s The Teammates was my 10th of 50 books chosen while blindfolded.

The Teammates is a memoir-esque story of two old friends driving halfway across the country to visit their other old friend and another old friend who couldn’t make it with them. These four friends had all played together on the Boston Red Sox for a period of 10-20 years.

Bobby Doerr, John Pesky, Dom DiMaggio, and Ted Williams are the teammates of the book’s title, and their friendship was as beautiful a thing as can be described in a 200 page book.

It wasn’t particularly moving. I never got close to crying, nor did I laugh out loud while reading The Teammates. It didn’t open up some new enlightened aspect of my life, and it wasn’t a thrill ride of a book.

However, The Teammates has seated itself among my top ten books because it honestly just tells a good story about life and how it is lived. Each detail that Halberstam mentions as he introduces these 4 men takes the reader on a short but meaningful journey. I didn’t know anything about baseball before I read this book, much less about John Pesky and how he changed his name from Paveskovich so he could feel more American. By the time I was through reading it, however, I felt that Halberstam had painted for me a small intimate vignette of a window into 4 lives.

A heartwarming read that probably means more to baseball fans than it did to me.

4/5 stars.