Dan Brown tells the truth about 1/2 the time, and this book tells you what’s true and false in The Lost Symbol.

Christopher Hodapp is a Freemason who was intrigued by the amount of attention that Freemasons got in the wake of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. He writes something of a response/rebuttal in Deciphering the Lost Symbol and clarifies a lot of Brown’s half-truths while debunking the straight-up fiction.

He also gives you a lot of history and context of Freemasons and Washington D.C. My only real complaint about this book was the amount of wandering Hodapp seems to do. Also, every chapter ends with a line or two about how the government is terrible and that it took 100 years to build the Washington Monument. While this may be true, don’t grind your axe in this book. It comes across as petty.

All in all, I learned a lot about Freemasons, and I’m pretty ready to get on to the next book.

3/5 stars.