I just read an entire textbook on how to get rid of wealth inequality from cover to cover, and I really enjoyed it.

James Lucas and Warner Woodworth put together this book, which is basically a history of the modern economy, a history of the United Order in the LDS Church and then extensive examples of ways to implement the principles of the United Order as individuals, families, businesses, and industries.

It rebuffs socialism and communism, because they seek to drag everyone down to the same level in the name of equality. It avoids capitalism, because that puts one person always above another, and at the expense of the poor.

The goal of the United Order is for there to be “no poor among [the Saints]”, and it’s at least partly possible. We can start as individuals by developing self-reliance, avoiding debts and unnecessary spending. As families, we can pool our resources and talents to complete projects that benefit everyone, projects that would have been too difficult for just one individual to accomplish.
As communities, we can bring our resources together. It’s not essential for everyone in the neighborhood to own a snowblower, for example. If everyone in the neighborhood pitches in ten dollars, however, it would be relatively easy to have a snowblower on each street. It could be owned, used, and maintained among the entire neighborhood.

Business owners and CEOs could stop taking home $55,000,000 severance packages for failing to do their jobs. Instead they could follow the example of Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani Yogurt, and give (not sell) partial ownership of the business to each and every employee.

Great book that gave me a lot to ponder and prioritize in my life.
It has some real solutions to wealth inequality that don’t end up as bureaucratic, central-government nightmares.
My only struggle was that this book is written as a textbook, not as an easy read, so it took some plowing to get through.

Overall 4/5 stars, would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting rid of wealth inequality.

I’ll leave it on that note with a feel-good video about Chobani.