This was a weird set of short Sci-fi stories by L. Ron Hubbard.

I chose blindly from the Sci-fi/Fantasy section at Pioneer Book, and walked away with One Was Stubborn. I started reading this one first this month, because I usually try to start with the book I think I will like the least. If I’m short on time at the end of the month, but I’m reading a book I enjoy, I can cram it in and make time for it.

This set of short stories was surprisingly better than I had predicted.
The first, “One Was Stubborn” is about a man who is making the world disappear, and a man who is so stubborn that he makes everything reappear.
The second, I can’t remember what it was about.
The third, “240,000 Miles Straight Up” is about the USSR taking over the moon, and thereby conquering the world until one rogue astronaut decides to take things into his own hands.

If you’ve never read L. Ron Hubbard before, I recommend it.

If you’ve never read any Science Fiction before at all, I recommend it. The three stories were widely varied, and provide three different options for types of Sci-fi that you could explore further.

3/5 stars.