I read this one for the book club I started.

This one is about how underdogs like David can use their weaknesses as unexpected strengths when going up against Goliaths. Gladwell uses lots of research and lots of examples to prove the point, as he always does. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that is wasn’t quite as accessible as his other books.

In Blink and his other books, all the information he presented was easy to digest, and presented very simply, albeit without as much rigorous research and documentation of sources, etc. In David and Goliath, Gladwell used a lot of seemingly unrelated points that tied together at the end of the book. Don’t get me wrong, they tied together very well, I just would have felt lost if I hadn’t read the entire book.

In any case, the point that I enjoyed most about David and Goliath was the way that Malcolm Gladwell challenged me to look at some of the things that I would typically consider weaknesses and see how those things could be strengths if used correctly.
I really enjoyed the book, but I would encourage someone to start with another of Gladwell’s earlier books to get a good feel for what his writing is like.

4/5 stars.