Hated the author, loved the book.

Jeff Jarvis is condescending, patronizing, belittling, and rude. He proudly shares how whining loud enough will get you what you want from someone who has it. He’s a mediocre writer who smashed together a miscellany of similarly themed blog posts and called it a book. He has typos, his book aged faster than Lindsay Lohan, and every chapter has at least one sentence where he says (I reference this in my chapter “Don’t be evil”) as if it were linked to that chapter.

That said, What Would Google Do? has some revolutionary insights into how Google has changed and will continue to change the way we do a lot of things. It talks about what ad agencies, retail stores, and even banks can do to keep up with Google and how to change in order to be more like Google themselves.

A breakthrough book in 2009, this book is useless if you are tech-savvy, useful if you only know of Google as a search engine, and necessary if you still use Yahoo! or AltaVista*.

2.5 stars. The info was good, but wading through condescending writing wasn’t.

Update: AltaVista was purchased by Yahoo! and shut down, which was actually an improvement.