Sharon Creech’s Heartbeat is not a novel/poetry book to be missed.

I first discovered Sharon Creech when I stumbled upon a poetry book called Love that Dog, which I apparently never blogged about. Oops. Love that Dog is the 7th grade poetry journal of a boy who doesn’t enjoy poetry and only writes because he has to, until he learns that poetry is just a fancy way to express yourself in ways that normal words aren’t enough for.

Anyways, Heartbeat is about a 13 year-old girl named Annie. She loves to run, her grandfather is forgetful, her mother is pregnant, and her childhood friend Max is moody and hard to understand.

Through the lens of her poetry journal, the reader gets to discover how Annie is processing all of these things going on in her life. Sharon Creech does a great job of speaking through poetry, and her young adult characters are surprisingly believable.

If you get easily emotional, take this book in small chunks. If you do not, go ahead and devour this book in a day.

5 stars. Get it here.