Emanuel Rosen outlines briefly and effectively how to get people talking about a product or service.

In The Anatomy of Buzz, Rosen discusses various companies that went from zero to sixty by rethinking their marketing efforts. They all have one thing in common, and that is that they merged their existing marketing strategies with powerful and strategic word-of-mouth campaigns.

What got Yomega yo-yos on the map? It wasn’t a full page ad in the Times. It was distribution during the school year (when kids have more chances to talk to other kids), and yo-yo competitions and trick workshops.

What took Cold Mountain to the top of the Bestseller list? It wasn’t commercials for a book. It was advance copies given to 5,000 booksellers around the country. They were able to read the book before it came out and give good recommendations to their customers.

The more people talk about your product to other people, the more success you will have, and Rosen outlines lots of examples of how other people have done this successfully. He also has a “Workshop” chapter at the end of the book to help you analyze your own product or service, as well as your marketing efforts, to see if they’re capable of creating buzz.

I highly recommend it to anyone who runs a business or wants to spread ideas.

The only problem is that it’s a little old. Coming from 2000, the concepts are fresh, but the examples are a little stale. Check out The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited for a newer view.

4/5 stars.