Lancing a Windmill

There's something Quixotic in all of us.

Philosophy is.


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The Price of Privilege

I’m not rich, nor do I expect to be any time soon, but this was still a good read.
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What Would Google Do?

Hated the author, loved the book.
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Whistling Vivaldi

Claude M. Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi is among one of the best books I’ve read.
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Blacks & the Mormon Priesthood

I did not select this book as part of my blindfold challenge. I selected it, because I wanted to be better informed about blacks and the Mormon priesthood.
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The Ancient Olympic Games

The blindfolded book choices continue. From Pioneer Book’s Ancient History section, I grabbed The Ancient Olympic Games, by Judith Swaddling.

This book was exactly what it purported to be, a 120-page overview of what we know about the ancient Olympic games. I learned a lot, and was impressed by the amount of good research and primary sources that Swaddling uses. There were still quite a few times when I felt like she was just making assumptions.

The book was informative, rather dry, and overall worth my time. However, it wasn’t an exciting piece of history.

If anyone has recommendations for good history books, I’m open to them.

The Ancient Olympic Games gets a 3/5.

David and Goliath

I read this one for the book club I started.
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One Was Stubborn

This was a weird set of short Sci-fi stories by L. Ron Hubbard.
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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

I tried… I really tried.
But I had to just give up on this book.
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